Ignite Philly: Code for America’s Pete Fecteau on being the “dumbest guy in the room

Last week, Code for America Fellow Pete Fecteau gave a great five minute talk at Ignite Philly 7. Fecteau about why he’s participating in the program and what he’s hoping to accomplish.

Code for America IgnitePhilly talk from @peterfecteau from Uploaded by: Tyler Stalder on Vimeo.

“Code for America is not about building some shiny piece of technology. It’s about spreading both collaborative and cognitive knowledge. As many questions as we hope to ask in Philly, we hope to answer that many questions,” he said. “”What we build in Philly we share with the rest of the nation’s struggling cities. We’re opening data, plugging it in, and releasing it as an open source platform.”

[Hat tip Code for America]

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