Kevin Rose interviews @Jack Dorsey on Twitter, @Square and entrepreneurship

From the show notes:

In this series premiere of Foundation, Kevin Rose interviews Jack Dorsey, the creator, co-founder and chairman of Twitter and the CEO of Square. The conversation talks of entrepreneurship, decision making, trial and error, and the path Jack took that lead to the creation of Twitter and Square.

TechCrunch covered the launch of, the Digg founder’s new venture, earlier this week. It’s a private email newsletter with a 20-30 minute interview like the one above. Some of these will be of more interest to the Gov 2.0 community than others but this one is worth watching.

As NYU professor Jay Rosen pointed out this morning on Twitter (how meta), “Jack Dorsey listened to the radio calls from emergency vehicles when he was a kid. The idea for Twitter was born there.” In 2011, Twitter is now a home to emergency social data, including earthquake warning systems, crowdsourced weather alerts and other disaster-related information. That’s why social media and FEMA now mix, among other reasons.

It’s a great first interview from Rose. Enjoy.

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