Dan Rather interviews Tim O’Reilly on Gov 2.0

How did Tim O’Reilly describe the potential of Gov 2.0 to Dan Rather?

“Government 2.0 is the attempt to harness the latest technology to make our government more effective, transparent and participatory,” he said.

What do the alpha geeks want to do, with respect to improving government? “They started saying, first of all, we want to open up government, we want more access to all this government data. We want to create new capabilities for citizen involvement.”

From HDNet YouTube Channel excerpt’s description:

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was recognized for its innovative use of technology to rally voter support. But there are people out there who say that technology has the power to not only revolutionize campaigns, but the very way we view government. It’s a movement called Government 2.0 and Tim O’Reilly is one of its most vocal prophets. He has been called “the Oracle of Silicon Valley” because he saw the potential of the world wide web years before most of us had even heard of it. He’s a highly respected big thinker in the tech community. And he believes that we are at the vanguard of a radical re-think of how government works in the Internet age.

The full episode of Dan Rather Reports on “Tim O’Reilly and Government 2.0” is available as a direct download from iTunes.

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