Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior on the power of video

Last month, I interviewed Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior about technology, gov 2.0 and open government. In the excerpt below, we talk about some lessons for the public sector from her experience in the business of technology, particularly around distributed collaboration using video conferencing. “The power of video is that it really allows us to extend the abstract notions of text-based technology and replaces that with much more human way of communicating,” said Warrior. “It’s more natural.”

Warrior, who went to Russia this past winter on a State Department “TechDel,” leveraged telepresence to collaborate with her fellow travelers after they dispersed. She’ll be talking more about more about similar lessons from the private sector in her conversation with Tim O’Reilly at the Gov 2.0 Summit next week. I’ll be posting more excerpts from our interview at Radar on Monday.

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