What does open government mean to you? [VIDEOS]

58 ministers, officials, members of civil society and the media explained what “open government” means to them at last week’s Open Government Partnership conference in Brazil. You can watch them all in the video player below. (Each clip is under 30 seconds.)

2 thoughts on “What does open government mean to you? [VIDEOS]

  1. What happened to the “a government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations.” That is open government. And to go further than that is exactly “close to what is happening to countries today.” as what one commenter said on the video. 

    Open government is transparency, the ability of the people to access all confidential information about governance.

    The traditional media, blogging, Facebook, Twitter are tools to develop open government.

    However, to go much further than that: open government is close to the meaning of absolute freedom. An abuse of the right of the government’s secrecy is bad. So absolute open government can also cause chaos.

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