Live from DC/Boston/Canada, it’s Episode 3 of Gov 2.0 TV

Two weeks ago, Gov 2.0 TV launched to cover what’s happening in open government. Today, we’ll be talking about some of the biggest stories of the past week. Tune in to to catch today’s show. //

Here’s a quick rundown of a few stories we’ll be talking about:

2 thoughts on “Live from DC/Boston/Canada, it’s Episode 3 of Gov 2.0 TV

  1. Alex, I’m feeling like a techno laggard here. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m catching up on my RSS feed. I’ve come across your post and followed the links to try to watch the show in archive. No joy. I can’t find it.

    Have you thought of posting the archived shows as a podcast for future reference (publishing on iTunes as a video podcast makes it very simple for people to find)? Or is it already available and I’m just showing my inadequate technical chops in not being able to find it?

    • Joseph, no worries. It takes a little while to push the video up to YouTube. Once it is, I’ll add an embed and will see if there’s an RSS feed to make it easier to subscribe.

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