2011 Trend: Deloitte predicts eGovernment will reach an inflection point


2011 predictions from Deloitte Consulting:

In 2011 Deloitte predicts eGovernemt (eGov) usage will reach an inflection point. Across developed countries, the proportion of businesses that use eGov services for at least one process is expected to average over 90 percent, up from 75 percent in 2010. Similarly, the proportion of citizens that use eGov in industrialized countries should rise by at least 10 percentage points. In some countries, the importance of eGov as a way to boost public sector productivity and efficiency may even prompt the appointment of a national Chief Information Officer (CIO) where one did not exist previously.”

For those watching, the United States has had both a CIO and a chief technology officer (CTO) since the beginning of the Obama administration. Both Vivek Kundra and Aneesh Chopra, respectively CIO and CTO, have worked with their staff to go beyond traditional e-government in the context of the open government initiative, evolving from a “vending machine” model, where government simply provides e-services, to where government acts as a platform, releasing data and convening citizens, industry and policy makers to address huge challenges.

Whether Deloitte’s prediction comes true in 2011 for the world remains to be seen. It’s certainly interesting and worth taking note.

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