2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Twitter Q&A with @WhiteHouse @PressSec features plenty of holiday cheer

  1. Thanks for the quote, and for telling me you did so. I found the responses easy to follow. Granted it’s not point and click, you do have to do some detective work, but New Twitter makes it fairly easy to track down who posted the question, and from there one relies on common sense to figure out which question went to the Press Secretary. Well, it’s the same way you found MY question to Mason. If the Mr. Gibbs simply replied, you would have had to search for everybody who sent a question to him, huge hassle.

  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for your mention re my question to Press Sec Gibbs. My intent was to start a conversation, nationally, but especially between Robert Gibbs and POTUS staff about arranging a primetime National TV fireside chat (15-30 min) next week or at a time other than in addition to what President Obama shares in SOTU.

    POTUS can talk to our nation, especially the unemployed, about the struggles so many are enduring. His message can also be directed to businesses who just might need a little encouragement to start hiring this new year. It would also help him with approval ratings as he prepares for his challenges re economics, health care, etc. during the next two years. He can’t come up with all the answers, but by demonstrating empathy, and sharing a few ideas, this type of fireside chat would be very beneficial.

    Many of our difficulties are based on economics but psychology also plays lots into people’s minds and hearts. He can certainly raise self-efficacy beliefs, and we need that right now, individually and as a nation.
    Thanks again, EdC

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